Yellow Dust!!!

Spring time is a tough beginning to the years warm weather in North West, South Korea. After the subzero temeratures of November-February, March and April see the dreaded Yellow dust settle over the region. It is advisable to wear a mask outside at all times when there is an alert - typically when the sky looks foggy in the middle of the day and has a slightly yellow haze. As a result of this, when Korea blooms - the insects are in short supply so expect a very high pollen count!

The 'yellow dust' is typically from the expanding deserts of China and Mongolia. Korea has given money to China to plant trees to reduce the spread - as a reuslt the yellow dust is apparantly much less severe now but is still a risk.

Asia's dust storm misery mounts

Dust storm migration begins in China

About Ansan

Ansan is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It lies south of Seoul, and is part of the Seoul National Capital Area. It is connected to Seoul by rail via Seoul Subway Line 4. Ansan is situated on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

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Subway map

My Map

I will start compiling my own map of Ansan one day!

Around Ansan

I will add some images and goings on from around Ansan sometime!

'Old' downtown day

Ansan intersection
Huge roads!